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Arc Bio is revolutionizing pathogen detection by developing novel Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) solutions that allow fast, accurate and cost-effective analysis.

Galileo™ AMR uniquely incorporates advanced analytics in a user-friendly interface with the latest scientific knowledge from the research community to achieve:

  • Fast and reliable detection of AMR in Gram-negative bacteria
  • Precise annotation of AMR genes and mobile elements in DNA sequences of any length
  • Accurate annotation of multi-drug resistant organisms such as CRE and ESBLs
  • Detailed, yet easy to understand results in sequence annotation diagrams


Galileo™ AMR Infographic

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) On the Rise – There has been a DRAMATIC INCREASE in the number of multi-drug resistant bacteria in the last decade.

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Galileo™ AMR Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet Overview: Galileo™ AMR is the most advanced online antimicrobial resistance (AMR) annotation software which enables fast, precise, and consistent analysis of bacterial DNA sequences.

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