A complete solution for hypothesis-free pathogen detection by NGS-based metagenomics

The power of NGS made easy

  • An integrated end-to-end solution – in your lab
  • Compliments existing qPCR solutions
  • Standalone with no need for bioinformatics expertise…or integrates into your existing bioinformatics pipeline
  • Expands your lab’s range of detection capabilities
  • The solution you can turn to when traditional assays fail
  • Built-in Controls & Calibration Panels
  • Actionable ID and QC report-out

Galileo™ Pathogen Solution in 4-Steps

  1. Sample Prep – Library Preparation & Amplification with integrated controls
  2. Sequencing – Designed for use with the Illumina NextSeq® platform
  3. Bioinformatics – Genus/Species-Level & Strain Identification and quantification
  4. Reporting – Final ID & QC Reports that are simple to understand and directly actionable

Kit-Based Sample Preparation

Simplified NGS workflow

  • All reagents needed to prepare samples for sequencing
  • Full library preparation
  • Internal and external process controls
  • Calibration controls
  • Cloud-based NGS bioinformatics software
  • Intuitive setup & usage
  • Automated detection of both pathogen and antimicrobial resistance gene sequences
  • Simultaneous alignment of sequences across multiple species and strains
  • Standalone or integrated into your existing bioinformatics pipeline
Galileo Analytics™ – Reporting
  • Actionable Reporting
  • Genus/Species-Level & Strain Identification
  • Pathogen Quantification
  • Antimicrobial Resistance Identification
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostics or diagnostic procedures.